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“Investment grade” is a dirty term. While not illegal, the US Federal Trade Commission frowns on its use for the same reason they frown on “precious” and “semiprecious.” These terms hold no meaning. Not only does the term investment grade have no clear meaning, it has been horribly abused by fraudulent salespeople. Many people cringe when they hear “investment grade” and a dealer can instantly ruin their reputation by using the term.

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Gemstones are one of the oldest businesses in the world. Gemstones do not usually depreciate in value, which is why the business remains so successful. Most of the time, the value of a gemstone is based upon supply. Since diamonds are low in supply they are expensive. When you start a gemstone business you will only be successful if you can overcome the high start-up costs and yield a good profit. If you are interested in starting a gemstone business, there are a few simple steps you need to follow. You need to have patience, time, and money you can invest.

Choose the type of gemstones you want to sell.
Find quality cutters. Determine your audience. You cannot grow or make gemstones which means you have to pay for cut gemstones or rough gemstones. This cost can become very high depending on the type of gemstone you are buying. The most expensive are typically diamonds and sapphires while topaz, tanzanite, and aquamarines are cheaper.

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As GMV Partners, you also can invest in our program, and let us make profit for you. Wouldn’t it have been great if you had been able to protect your investments from tumbling investment markets during the global financial crisis? Investments that offer a ‘capital guarantee’ or ‘capital protection’ look like a great way to have your cake and eat it too. They claim to give you the ability to enjoy investment returns in the good times while protecting you from losing your money if it all goes pear-shaped. Investors need to do their research, however, as these products may not be the right option for everyone. No investment is 100% secure. In certain extreme circumstances, you can still lose your money. Even if you are confident about the security of the guarantee or protection, you need to weigh up the cost of these products with the benefits they can provide. We at GMV ensure your capital are guaranteed.

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